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September 15, 2015

Drinking Sons

Keynote Address for St. Patrick’s Day Internet Music Festival

The first concert of the St. Patrick’s Day Internet Music Festival kicked off yesterday with Burning Bridget Cleary at Club Passim. This was a Concert Window performance. Unfortunately, that means that the show was NOT recorded. So we can only assume it was a rockin’ show because the band is awesome!

However, the event was originally planned to start on March 10th, one week prior to St. Patrick’s Day. That’s why I’m planning the first concert for 9 AM CST tomorrow morning. I will talk a little bit about the event, the week ahead, the artists performing, and then I will play some music for you. My plan is to play some fun St. Patrick’s Day songs and funny Irish drinking songs.

Best Irish Drinking Songs

Here’s a few funny drinking songs from my albums.

Johnny Jump Up

This perhaps my all-time favorite funny Irish drinking song. It tells what happens when you drink too much hard cider.

Wild Rover

Probably the most-popular Irish drinking song ever. It tells the story of a man who goes roving and realizes the folly of his ways.

The Mermaid Song

This old sea shanty warns you against mermaids. At some Renaissance festivals, the verses can go on and on with how people avoid drowning.

The Sick Note

I first found this song under the name “The Barrel Song”. It’s based on an old folk story that was set to music by Pat Cooksey.

Irish Lilting

Lilting was a big part of the Irish vocal tradition. I’m starting to explore that musical style a lot with this fun children’s song. It’s hilarious at pubs too!

Isn’t It Grand, Boys?

The Clancy Brothers made this song famous. It captures a bit of that great Irish satire and celebration of death as found in Irish wakes.

Don’t Go Drinking With Hobbits

Okay, not really an IRISH drinking song, but I’m pleased to see that my hobbit drinking song has made a few list of funny Irish drinking songs by other blogs on the web.

Everybody Needs a Drinking Song

This is a newer hobbit drinking song that is a great sing-along at Irish pubs.

Big Strong Man (My Bruddah Sylvest)

I first found this song on an album of Irish Drinking Songs. It turns out that it was written at the beginning of the 20th century for some sort of vaudeville musical. Somehow, it snuck it’s way into the Irish music scene.

Lord of the Pounce

Here’s another funny parody of the song “Lord of the Dance“, all about cats. This song has turned more than one Celtic Thunder fan into a fan of Celtic music.

Source: marcgunn.com
Celtic Legends - Irish drinking song
Celtic Legends - Irish drinking song
Skyclad @ 7th Brintaal Celtic Folk - Anotherdrinkingsong
Skyclad @ 7th Brintaal Celtic Folk - Anotherdrinkingsong
Čovek Bez Sluha + Aca Celtic (Orthodox Celts) - Drinking Song
Čovek Bez Sluha + Aca Celtic (Orthodox Celts) - Drinking Song

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