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October 3, 2015

Drinking Song - Klavdiya

The English love to drink, as do most cultures, so it's not as hard as finding the Holy Grail to come up with 10 English drinking songs. Sometimes drinking can lower one's inhibitions, which may account for the many different drinking songs. It also might help explain karaoke. It doesn't excuse karaoke, however. Karaoke likely leads to drinking, which then starts the whole cycle.

  1. "The Derby Ram" — This song ends with, "And now my song is over, I've got no more to say/Just give us eggs and brandy and we'll be on our way." You have to respect a song that advises folks eat a little something with their hard drink.
  2. "The Foggy Dew" – This one features a lot of fighting and dying. It also talks about dreaming and praying. These are all activities associated with heavy drinking.
  3. "Maggie May" – Rod Stewart had a hit with this one. He was a college guy. She was an older woman. You just knew it wouldn't last.
  4. "When Johnson's Ale Was New" – Ah, the old days. Drunkards, when they really get down to it, don't really care about the quality of their drink.
  5. "A Jug of Punch" – "And if I get drunk, well, me money's me own." When a person wants to get drunk, money's no object. They just drink down every last cent.
  6. "Three Drunken Huntsmen" – If former vice president Dick Cheney is singing this song to you, keep your distance. He's scary enough sober. He's even shot fellow huntsmen sober. So beware.
  7. " All for Me Grog" – Any song that asks, "Where is me wench?" isn't exactly politically correct. In fact, a lot of politically incorrect things must get said when the drink starts to flow. Heck, even wenches sing drinking songs.
  8. "Three Drunken Maidens" – So, what's better than two drunken maidens? Three drunken maidens, of course. But, if they're three angry and drunken maidens, maybe that's not so good.
  9. "Rosin the Beau" — This lyric speaks of drinking to remember. Some drink to remember. Some drink to forget. Some just drink.
  10. "The Farmer's Servant" – Martin Carthy has a well-known recording of this one. It speaks of enjoying life as a farmer's servant. That's hard to believe. Perhaps this guy drank a lot then, and it only seemed like fun.
Source: www.mademan.com
Helldorado never again a drinking song @turkish-english
Helldorado never again a drinking song @turkish-english
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