Todd English P.U.B

March 25, 2017

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So you've always wanted to go to England and become a human sponge as you pound back stouts and ales all day long. Maybe you would watch a little footy, eat some bangers and mash, or munch on some fish and chips.

Yeah, England has tourist attractions like Big Ben and Buckingham Palace, but it's the pubs that you really want to see.

Well, if an authentic pub is what you're looking for, you need not look further than Todd English P.U.B. in The Shops at Crystals. Todd English, the chef extraordinaire, created everything you're looking for inside of a pub with a few modern elements and lots of different beers.

We'll get back to the beer in just a few paragraphs, so hold tight. First thing you'll notice about Todd English P.U.B. is how the room manages to blend old school features like hand pump taps for beer casks as decoration, contrasting against the smooth modern architecture of the room.

Thankfully, the pub was made with plenty of seating room to pack in the many patrons that frequent it on a nightly basis. There are tables for the folks looking to get a bite to eat from some of the best bar food in town. The food selection includes pub classics like fish and chips and chicken liver and throws in some modern delicacies such as duck buns, moules frites (mussels) and a complete carvery with nine different meats.

But if food isn't your main reason for stopping by Todd English P.U.B., you can saddle up at the bar or grab a spot around one of the beer pong tables, which are another dash of modernization we were talking about.

Todd English P.U.B. has about 40 beers on tap with selections from around the world. The Pub also claims to be the only bar in the state of Nevada that sells cask beer, a traditional style of beer that is still made in wooden barrels.

But even with such a wide range of beer, the pub wouldn't be complete without Todd English's favorite beer: Pabst Blue Ribbon. We know what you're thinking. But the pub embraces it with its "Beer in a Bag, " a tall boy can of PBR and a shot of Jack Daniels.


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