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September 16, 2016

REAL a Gastropub - 973 Photos

Chef Troy Terorotua is currently the Owner/ Chef of REAL a gastropub in Kaka’ako and BREW’d craft pub in Kaimuki. REAL a gastropub is Hawaii’s first beer centric Gastropub, which opened in May of 2013. REAL is presently the “go to” for craft beer in the state of Hawaii. It received a 2013 Gold Hale Aina Award for Best Beer Program and Top Write-In Vote for Best Bar Food. Terorotua opened his second gastropub, BREW’d craft pub in April of 2014.

Chef Terorotua, who is of Tahitian and American descent, graduated from the Florida Culinary Institute with two associate degrees in culinary arts and international baking and pastry. During his training, Terorotua had the honor to serve as an apprentice chef on the Southeast Regional Team of the 1992 ACF Culinary Team USA, where he worked and learned from many of the most acclaimed chefs and master chefs in the country. After completing his duties with Team USA, Terorotua was named the National Apprentice Culinary Team USA as one of five to represent the USA in International competition for the 1993 Taste of Canada.

Before moving to Hawaii, Terorotua worked at and headed several of South Florida’s premier restaurants. In 1997, Terorotua moved to Hawaii after he was recruited by Chef Sam Choy to become corporate chef of his growing restaurant chain. Terorotua helped in the development and opening of 5 restaurants for Lets Eat Hawaii. As corporate chef, Terorotua traveled exclusively with Chef Choy cooking side by side with many of the world’s best culinary minds such as Emeril Lagasse, Mario Batali, Iron Chef Morimoto, Wolfgang Puck, and Charlie Trotter.

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