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October 27, 2015

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PASADENA > Haven Gastropub and Brewery closed its doors Sunday after three years in the Pasadena craft beer scene.

The closure was the result of a change in ownership and problems with finances, officials said.

“We fought for our life in this building with a cursed history and took every one of those jobs very seriously. The banks who own the building forced us out through complicated circumstances, and sadly there was just nothing we could do, ” the company wrote on its Facebook page.

Haven’s trio of owners parted ways in April, officials said, and one member, Ace Patel, retained the Pasadena property while the other two, Wil Dee and Greg Daniels, kept the restaurant in downtown Orange. Spokeswoman for Dee and Daniels’ new Haven Collective company Mona Shah-Anderson said the Pasadena location was no longer associated with the Haven brand.

“The separation is the result of an amicable agreement for all parties involved to focus their energy where they feel it will be suited best, ” Shah-Anderson said.

Patel also owns the company’s other restaurant Asylum Tacos, while Dee and Daniels are taking over Provisions Market in Old Towne Orange.

Patel did not respond to requests for comment Monday.

The Old Pasadena gastropub and brewing company had been in the De Lacey Street location for three years and had made a dent in the local craft beer scene with its own beers. Haven was one of only two craft breweries in Pasadena, and last month its Hops Inc. beer won a silver medal in the prestigious and competitive World Beer Cup.

The Orange location does not have brewing capabilities.

The location, however, is known for high turnover, some even calling it “cursed.” It previously housed two other breweries and other restaurants.

Many said they were sad to see Haven go.

“Haven provided kind of the most exciting opportunity we’ve had for a while, ” Pasadena home-brewer and beer author Drew Beechum said. “If you look around Pasadena, we don’t really have a ton of breweries, especially for a city of our size in Southern California. Now we’re down to one brewery.”

Craftsman Brewery has been operating in Pasadena since 1995.

Paul Little, president and CEO of the Pasadena Chamber of Commerce, said he was disappointed to see Haven — and their famous lamb burgers — leave Pasadena.

“I think honestly the biggest challenge is the size of the space, and it’s a little off the beaten path, ” Little said. “Restaurants are on a very thin margin these days. The cost of everything is going up.”

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