What is a Gastro Lounge?

April 2, 2014

Refreshing Beers

Sent Sovi, upon opening in 1995. Photo: John O'Hara/The ChronicleSent Sovi, a pioneering South Bay fine dining restaurant, closed in September. But now comes word that Sent Sovi chef-owner Josiah Slone is resurrecting the Saratoga space in the new year as a new restaurant. It will be a “gastrolounge.” To be precise, it will become Relish GastroLounge.

David Kinch — now of nearby Michelin three-star Manresa — opened Sent Sovi in 1995 and earned Chronicle Rising Star status the following year. The French-inspired menu garnered instant recognition; Michael Bauer described it as having “a stylish, uptown attitude.” Sent Sovi became a Bay Area destination and put Kinch on the national radar, even before he left to open Manresa in 2002.

In 2003, Josiah Slone reopened Sent Sovi and made it his own over the course of the next 12 years.

Now, Slone is set for another reinvention. Billed as more approachable than the fine dining Sent Sovi, Relish is slated to open in January. Slone is still aboard as a managing owner, but running the kitchen will be Sent Sovi vet Timothy Uttaro. There will be craft beer, of course.

Source: insidescoopsf.sfgate.com
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Referenzen Gastro-Direct
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