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November 22, 2017

Fado Irish Pub columbus Menu

Fadó (pronounced f’doe) is an Irish term meaning ‘long ago’. It is used in Ireland to start a story (the equivalent of ‘once upon a time’ ). We chose the name because at Fadó, we are telling the story of Ireland’s rich and evolving Pub culture.

You will always get great Guinness, Fish and Chips, traditional music, footie on the T.V. and fun in the best pubs in Dublin. Today, you will also see from-scratch cooking and seasonal food menus that rival the best restaurants, craft beers from local breweries and quality, housemade cocktails.

Our pub in Midtown is an expression of 21st Century Ireland and the changes happening today to Dublin’s pub culture. It’s a modern pub that combines the best of the old with the new: Irish timelessness, a global perspective and homage to local ‘heroes’.

You see historical Ireland in the deep woods, the Whiskey Room, the great Irish beer brands and Irish specialty paint and pictures. The clean craftsmanship and design reflect the global influences of New York and mainland Europe on Dublin’s pub and restaurant scene. You’ll see a healthy selection of the region’s best craft beers and local spirits as well as art telling the story of Coke’s strong connection to Ireland.

Source: www.fadoirishpub.com

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