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December 17, 2016


Irish Country And Pop Song Lyrics and chords. As this is mostly a folk music site I decided to separate the pop and country lyrics into it's own section. At times it's difficult to know what's actually a country or pop song and what's a folk song as at times there's a crossover of music genre.Some singers will also change their style and include a mixture of several genres. An example would be Daniel O'Donnell who sings old Irish folk songs like Mary From Dunglow and Danny Boy but he's generally known as a country singer.

Irish country music is a bit like ballads and folk songs regarding getting air time on radio stations. In general the mainstream stations tend not to play country music.
This is more prevalent in Dublin, although some of the better known American singers do get played, most of the up and coming Irish country singers don't get a look in. They face an up-hill struggle getting their records played on T.V. and radio.
But this doesn't stop them being very successful. The Irish T.V. channel T.G.4 runs a successful programme called Glor Tir which is a mixture of a talent competition with new singers being backed up be a well know country band and the other part of the show features old and new country music from the cream of the crop.
Just like the folk music there's a whole generation growing up in Ireland that never heard country music, this is because the record companies and radio stations tell people what they should be listening to rather than giving them a mix of all kinds of songs.
There's a big market out there for new country singers, an example would be Derek Ryan, one of Derek's songs ''It's Friday'' received over 40, 000 hits on youtube within the first month of release.
Just like in the folk section, if your a country singer and have written a song or two and would like it included on the site, they ley me know. If you are a well known or not so well known it doesn't matter at all, I'll be happy to include and promote your work here. Most of the songs here have easy to play guitar chords.

Irish Country Music (1)
Irish Country Music (1)
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