Traditional Irish songs list

December 9, 2016

Danny Boy by John McDermott on Publications presents significant work by various individuals.

How is this index useful?

This non-profit site aims to be especially useful for both experienced and novice players of traditional Irish music as well as for musicologists. It appears to be unique in the world for its accurate identification of recorded sources of Irish traditional music. At this point in time, the site offers you at least the following uses:

  • Locate commercial recordings of a tune, given any one of its titles.
  • Locate transcriptions of a tune in a book, given any one of its titles.
  • Discover whether the tune you are listening to or looking at is known under other titles.
  • Find out whether multiple tunes recorded or printed under a given title are actually the same tune or not.
  • Identify unnamed tunes on a recording. Every tune indexed here can be found even if you only know the track title, such as "Sliabh Luachra Polkas" or "Light Jigs." Just use the Tune Search and Finder page to search for the track title.
  • Identify printed tunes that have no title or are only identified as "Gan ainm" in a book: Untitled / Gan Ainm Tunes in Books.
  • View a more accurate table of contents of your recordings. I have discovered that a significant fraction of commercial albums have inexcusable errors in labeling their tracks and tunes, especially due to non-musicians being responsible for preparing the albums and their later reissues.
  • Select useful albums and books to purchase. You can use either the Album Search and Finder or the reports of Best Session-Tune Albums and Best Session Tunebooks.
  • Learn the background history of a tune.
  • Prepare written documentation of a tune's history of appearances on commercial recordings, such as when writing liner notes for an album.
  • Find out if there is a known composer for a tune.
  • Build custom-fit tune sets for set dancing, by using the bar counts given for most of the dance tunes.
  • Build tune sets based on key changes, by using the mode identifications given for most tunes.
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