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January 30, 2015

Bartender Adult Costume

The event formerly known as the Bartender Olympics - reborn as the Bartender Games! (Photo: Mckenna Marie Shaffer)

"Bar Month" at – brought to you by Absolut, Avion, Fireball, Pama, Red Stag and 2 Gingers – is back for another round! The whole month of February, we're serving up intoxicatingly fun articles on bars and clubs – including guides, the latest trends, bar reviews, the results of our Best of Bars poll and more. Grab a designated driver and dive in!

It’s been an OnMilwaukee tradition for several years now to host the Bartender Olympics every winter. That is until last year, when the U.S. Olympic Committee called me about 25 times with a cease and desist order to change the name of our awesome event.

It seems that they were afraid our annual party would be confused with whatever is going on in Sochi, so this year, we’re calling our competition the OnMilwaukee Bartender Games, and it takes places Feb. 27 at Turner Hall.

Rushtojudgment_storyflowIt’s going to be better than ever.

Emceed by FM 102.1’s Jon Adler, the new and improved and copyright free Bartender Games kicks off at 7 p.m. and is free to the public. Events include a signature cocktail contest and tasting, the Pabst can stack and the talent competition. We’ll have more details on the participants soon.

As for tasty drink specials, there will be plenty from our sponsors, including:

  • Absolut
  • Avion Tequila
  • Pama
  • 2 Gingers
  • Red Stag
  • Fireball
  • Pabst

Activitytrackerapnea_storyflowSpecial Guests also include:

  • Johnson Creek Smoke Juice (available for sampling)
  • Red Bull (available for sampling)

If you’ve been to this event before, you know how fun it is. And if you haven’t, trust me. It rules.

So mark your calendars now. Watch our participants go for the gold, assuming we’re still allowed to say that without getting sued. See you on Feb. 27!

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