Fun games to play in a Bar

April 26, 2016

Bar Games, Ranked

Here are some fun bar mitzvah game ideas that can liven up your child’s upcoming celebration, helping guests come together and create awesome memories!

A Scavenger Hunt

  • Players: Unlimited, but you may want to have players group up if there are larger groups of players.
  • Directions: Give each player or team a list of items to collect. Then, give them a time frame in which they have to gather these things. The player or team that successfully collects the most items on the list by the time is up wins!
  • Fresh idea: Have all of the items be somehow related to the young man or young lady celebrating the bar or bat mitzvah.
  • Suggested background song: Guest’s choice – better yet, have the young man or young lady at the center of the celebration put together a playlist ahead of time to play during this game!

The Hot Potato Present Pass

  • Players: Unlimited, but you may want to limit this to about 30 or so.
  • Directions: Wrap a present multiple times (like at least 7). Have the players sit in a circle and pass the present around while the music is playing. When the music stops, the player holding the present unwraps a layer of the gift. The player who ends up unwrapping the last layer of the gift wins that prize!
  • Fresh idea: Consider playing a few rounds of this game with smaller prizes so more guests get a chance to win something.
  • Suggested background song: Ask the young man or young lady celebrating the bar or bat mitzvah what his or her favorite song is right now, and play that.

The Marshmallow Relay Race

  • Players: An even number so players can pair off.
  • Directions: Each pair of players is a team. Give one member of each team a straw and have this player start by a cup of marshmallows. Have the other member of each team sit across from his teammate (at some distance) next to an empty cup. Upon the DJ’s or MC’s Go order, the teammate with the straw sucks up one marshmallow and brings it over to where his teammate is sitting to drop it in the empty cup.
    If a marshmallow is dropped on the ground before getting to the cup, that player has to start over and get a new marshmallow. Once one player successfully drops a marshmallow in the empty cup, the players switch off, and it’s the other players’ turn to use the straw to suck up the marshmallow and bring it over to the cup (where marshmallows will start to accumulate).
    The first team to get 5 (or 10) marshmallows in the cup wins!
  • Fresh idea: With more players this can become a relay race with multiple members on one team. In these cases, it can be fun to add the extra element of blindfolding the player transporting the marshmallow and having his team members verbally guide him to the cup/drop-off point.
  • Suggested background song: Since this will be another game that lasts a big longer than a song, it’s always fun to use a playlist that the young man or young lady at the center of the celebration puts together ahead of time.

We will feature some more fun bar mitzvah game ideas in the upcoming second part of this blog series – don’t miss it!

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