Games To play In A Pub

October 30, 2016

Games To Play In A Pub

Young couples in a bar on the Isle of ManMarjorie the landlord hadn't lost at fuzzy duck for years. Photograph: Kurt Hutton/Hulton Archive


This works best with a big group of people. Everyone pulls one, two or three coins out of their pocket then conceals them in their fist. Players guess how many coins there are in total. If someone guesses correctly, they are eliminated. Play continues until one person is left and must buy the next round. You can't repeat someone else's guess and if no one guesses correctly, you start a new round.

Shove ha'penny

This traditional pub game is normally played on a wooden board, but any table will do. Rest the coins slightly over the edge of the table and use the base of your hand to give each penny a shove and send it sliding along the surface. Proper boards are marked with nine horizontal lines, the aim being to get your ha'pennies to stop in one of the "beds" (the gaps between the lines). If playing on a regular table, mark out your own target area or see who can send their coin the farthest.
Pick up sticks

Place a shot glass on the table, fill it with cocktail sticks and press your hand down on top. When you lift your hand up, some will have stuck. The person who picks up the most wins.

Cigarette soccer

Since you can't smoke cigarettes in pubs now, you'll need a new use for them, so try out this game. Split into two teams, one on either side of the table, and place a cigarette in the middle. Each team must try to blow the cigarette off the opponent's side of the table. For more precise blowing use bar straws, and if you beat the other team, why not set up a mini league?

Football focus

For pubs screening a football match. All players (it's best if there are lots) must put a pound into a central pot to play. Find an object to be a baton (beer mat, crisp packet, etc). One person begins by holding it. For every throw-in, corner or goal-kick, pass it round one person. Whoever is left holding it when the half-time whistle blows wins the money. Play again in the second half, perhaps introducing more rules such as changing direction for a substitution.

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Pub Play: Drinking Games
Pub Play: Drinking Games

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