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May 24, 2016

Enjoy Bar Games

Looking for some inspiration and ideas to liven up your bar? Need a few more items of interest that will generate fun groups of people and lots of laughter that will characterize a great scene?

Look no further, here are some great and inexpensive ideas for your bar.

1. Wii bowling

Sure, the Wii is almost as passé as the 8-track tape these days, but when people are slightly to thoroughly inebriated, they tend not to discriminate about such things. Bonus: Wii bowling comes free with a Wii system.

2. Live trivia

Your TVs can be used as entertainment in the form of digital games and live trivia, these digital versions of games and classic trivia are displayed on your TVs, and your guests play with provided blue Playmaker devices. Guests don’t need to bring anything – not even a pen and paper – as they play through your TVs!

3. Bumper pool

Add some variation to a standard bar game by installing a bumper pool table. Since bumper pool requires increased hand/eye coordination over traditional pool, it should be a welcome sight to patrons seeking an additional challenge.

4. Table shuffleboard

Leave the real shuffleboard to the people at the retirement communities. Set up a table shuffleboard in your establishment and let the younger crowd have some fun.

5. Classic arcade games

If you’ve got Gen-Xers in your place, they will absolutely love these. Install a few of the great classics, like Space Invaders, Centipede, Moon Cresta, and Defender. Your patrons will enjoy a challenge while reliving some of their past.

6. Laminated rules for drinking games

Although this one is not a game itself, it’s an idea that’s overlooked at a lot of establishments. Instead of providing a game, print out rules for drinking games (like Chase the Ace, 21 Aces, etc.) and laminate them. Then, just leave them around for customers to find and they can start playing those games with their friends. They’ll probably end up ordering more drinks to play the games. But you won’t mind, right?

7. Dancing video games

This is one that will appeal to the younger crowd. These games are basically a skill test of one’s reflexes – and can be quite a challenge for those who’ve had a few.

Offering games at your bar is not only a great way for patrons to have fun with their friends, it also keeps them at your establishment longer. What games do you offer at your bar?

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