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October 18, 2016

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Add some variety to your nights out with our list of the 10 Best Pub Drinking Games. The games were picked for their suitability to bars and pubs, assorted levels of difficulty to suit varying levels of inebriation and the level of probability that they'll give you a great story you can use to embarrass friends for years to come. With no further ado, Made Manual's picks for the 10 best pub drinking games:

  1. Beer Pong While this is one of the most well-known drinking games, its messy nature means it is best reserved for pubs that host the game officially. Beer pong is played in teams. Each team begins with a number of cups filled with beer on their side of the table. The object is to land your ping pong ball in one of the opposing team's cups. They must drink from the cup when you score.
  2. Quarters (aka Quarter Bounce) This game is as well-known as beer pong, but less messy. To play, place an empty shot glass on the table. Roll a quarter down your nose. If you miss the cup, you drink.
  3. B.S. (aka Cheat) BS's simple rules make it an ideal drinking game. In B.S., you must discard one or more cards of the same suit face down each round, and declare how many you have put down. If another player doubts you claim, they can declare BS. If they're right, you drink. If they're wrong, they do.
  4. Spoons How fast do you react once you've had a few? A game of spoons is like a tabletop version of musical chairs. You each start with a hand of cards, and a spoon for each player on the table. When the first player runs out of cards, they grab a spoon. The other players need to follow suit quickly, because whoever fails to grab up a piece of silverware has to drink.
  5. A-Hole Play mimics life where the winner gets to be president and the loser gets called an "a**hole." Players get 6 or 7 cards, and one card is on the table face up. First player (the President) decides whether you must discard cards of a higher or lower value. First person to get rid of all their cards wins, last person drinks.
  6. Never Have I Ever It's like Truth or Dare, but with less time spent wearing someone else's underwear. Never Have I Ever is a fun way to learn some dirty secrets about your friends, especially after a few lost rounds decreases their inhibitions. To play, simply name a naughty or sexual act. Whoever has done it raises their hand. Whoever has not has to drink.
  7. Concentration Your favorite grade school word game, now with 100% more alcohol! In this drinking game, more rounds you lose, the harder it will be to come up with items in the named category. To play, the first player names a category. Each person, in turn, must name something in that category without pausing or repeating. If you stumble, you drink.
  8. Slap One person holds their hands face up. The other puts theirs above them, face down. The person whose hands are on the bottom tries to reach over and slap their opponent's hands. You hit their hands, they drink. You miss, you drink.
  9. I'm Going on a Picnic How well does your memory hold up to a sustained alcohol assault? Players take turns listing items they plan to take on their picnic, and must recite all the items chosen so far. If you stumble, you drink.
  10. You, Chug When it starts getting late and everyone is pretty toasted, many drinking games become too challenging and confusing to be fun. This is why "You, Chug" was invented. The rules are simple. At the beginning, it is decided who has The Power of Chug. The Power of Chug allows you to command any other player to chug their drink. In chugging, this player also gains The Power of Chug. Games that span days and weeks are most fun, especially if you can make someone chug in an inappropriate situation.
pub snooker, drinking game november 2007 pt1
pub snooker, drinking game november 2007 pt1
Pub game
Pub game
MartinsCorner Pub Presents "3 Man Drinking Game"
MartinsCorner Pub Presents "3 Man Drinking Game"

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