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Best pub food San Francisco

March 1, 2015
San Francisco

Twenty Five Lusk has the distinction of being located in an alley and being underground, meaning you get to go down a slightly empty-looking street and down some stairs to access this trendy bar-lounge-restaurant that put a bunch of benches in some old soot-stained smokestacks behind the downstairs bar. They’ve also got tasty cocktails and a crazy-classy menu of things like caviar, foie gras, and fried burrata (YES). Oh, and did we mention they carved doorways through what used to be four meat-smoking ovens to create an ash-walled, leather-boothed private drinking sanctuary? Because they totally did that, too.
For those days when you’ve had a little too much caviar and have been to Benu one too many times (right), Louie’s is the spot for your post-work SOMA alleyway revelry. This no-frills neighborhood pub has a solid beer list, great food, and serves both until late - fortunately, this bit of Stevenson Street is just one-block long, so you probably can’t get too lost if you find yourself here until last call.

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